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For me, Level The Field was an eye-opening experience to the knowledge and determination in these kids’ lives. I hope we were able to give them a push in the right direction so they can take it and run all the way to college graduation!

Elly McGuffog - Women's Soccer

It is an amazing experience to create a friendship with these kids through mentoring and the LTF program. As they get to know us, we get to know them, and it becomes an experience beyond the classroom!

Maya Marder - Level The Field Volunteer

LTF is a program that helps you learn about the steps to college and how important it is. For me LTF holds a great importance to me because it at least gives me some background knowledge on what I need to be successful in college and in life.

Shereen Khan - Level The Field Intern Class of 2017

Level The Field is a 4 year internship that commits you as an individual to improve your education, athleticism, and character. Personally, LTF isn’t just about forcing you to do great in school but reflecting on your decisions as time goes on.

Luis Dejesus - Level The Field Intern

“I love working at LTF with the amazing staff, volunteers, and WHEELS students. LTF provides a fun atmosphere that is a memorable experience for all involved!”

Katie Jones - Level The Field Volunteer

“It’s great to give back to the community and work with kids who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn various life skills through sport. Level The Field has done an amazing job of getting and keeping the kids involved.

Wayne Hu - Level The Field Volunteer

“Sports have played an incredible role in my life. I cherish the physical, mental and social development that sports have provided me, and I am excited about the opportunity to share that with WHEELS students.”

Katie Jones - Director of Development & Level The Field Volunteer

“I volunteered with LTF during the soccer clinic with the intention of giving some of my time to provide a positive experience in the lives of adolescents in our community – the same way many coaches and sports played a role in my childhood. But during the program I discovered that I got out of it as much as I gave, and then some.”

Brian Burke - Level The Field Volunteer

“LTF creates a fantastic educational experience through sporting events and clinics. More importantly the program exposes our kids to amazing personalities and facilities that stretch their imaginations and aspirations.”

Scott Waddell - Level The Field Volunteer, Columbia Men's Soccer Alumni

“I can honestly say that the most rewarding aspect of my soccer career, thus far, was when the Level The Field students came to one of our home games and cheered us (the Columbia Lions) on. That night I felt a huge sense of pride in being a part of the Level The Field program, and incredibly honored to have the students’ support.”

Lindsay Denielson - Columbia University Athlete, Women's Soccer